A musical comedy short film where one actor plays twin brothers playing a piano duet, with hilarious results!

"A fantastic, unique mix of comedy, music and visual effects, creating a funny, heart-warming short film for all audiences"


"This coolly funny short from tireless multi-tasker Paul Snider, here credited as writer, director, producer, editor, sound designer and star(s), is nice and short at barely five minutes but, nevertheless, full of humour and charm. Devoid of dialogue and not exactly plot-heavy, of course, this is impressively built upon a lengthy visual effects trick that works extremely well, and belies what must have been a pretty low budget. It’s actually quite a tough little pic to write about without quite giving the game away, but it certainly suggests that Snider is really going to go places, as he manages not a single flubbed note here."

Damian, Madcap Film Festival Director